LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag Flower Kandi Bracelet
LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag Flower Kandi Bracelet
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LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag Flower Kandi Bracelet


Introducing the LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag Flower Kandi Bracelet!

💖 This vibrant and meaningful accessory is a celebration of progress, love and unity within and for the LGBTQIA+ community. Each flower in this handmade kandi bracelet is thoughtfully crafted to represent the diverse array of flags featured in the Progress Flag and the many identities within our beautiful community.

🏳️‍🌈 Starting with the iconic rainbow gay pride flag, the colors flow in their sequential order, creating a stunning symbol of pride. Yellow and purple flowers follow to honor the intersex flag. White and black beads were used for the flowers' centers so that this combo of yellow, white, purple and black can also represent the nonbinary pride flag.

🌸 We continue with white, pastel pink, and light blue flowers, representing the trans flag, symbolizing the importance of inclusivity and visibility. To complete the look, there's the flower with black petals and a golden center, embodying the brown and black stripes in the LGBTQ+ Progress Flag.

🌈 While being a stylish accessory, this flower kandi bracelet is also a powerful statement of support, pride, self-expression and allyship. It's for those who embrace their own LGBTQ+ identity or stand proudly beside their queer friends and loved ones. Wear it to music festivals, raves, Pride celebrations or any occasion where you want to add a vibrant touch of color to your fit, making a bold statement.

💜 Handcrafted by a queer nonbinary artist, this bracelet is a symbol of both creativity and community. By choosing this unique piece, you're not only expressing yourself but also supporting a small business and a queer artist/creator.

🌟 Versatile and eye-catching, this cute and colorful bracelet complements any outfit. It's a way to show your unwavering support for the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride season and beyond.

🎉 Celebrate love, individuality and the limitless spectrum of gender identities with the LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag Flower Kandi Bracelet. Get yours today and show off your pride with joy!