In this discounted sticker pack you get all five of these mystical, magical stickers! two of them are holographic, one is black and white with a transparent background and the other two are super colorful. They all carry the energy of Love Light self-expression freedom and peace that comes from connection with the divine sacred Universe.
The moon goddess sticker is shining pastel rainbow hues under a ring light’s lighting. The black lines of the sacred geometry, the mandala patterns and the moon phases beautifully, strikingly contrasts against these vivid rainbow hues produced by the holographic material. when it is lit up it absolutely shines like a stunningly ultraviolet rainbow featuring every color you could possibly imagine!
The trippy galactic mushroom sticker has a pink purple and blue pastel cloudy sky on the top of the mushroom cap and then a cosmic galaxy with stars underneath the mushroom’s cap. Under the sunlight this sticker design is completely illuminated by rainbows due to it being printed on a holographic material. crazy vibrant, trippy mushroom sticker shines so bright and colorfully because it's holographic! the constant color change element of this sticker definitely adds to the psychedelic vibes.
The self-love spell sticker features a witch’s cauldron with the goddess symbol on the front and various flowers, vines and leaves growing out of the pot as the spell is illuminating love out into the world as it comes from the Self first. The background of the many elements is a brightly colored gradient, like a sunset.
The Electric Intergalactic sticker is in a hand for size reference. The design features a neon pink Saturn bursting out of the diamond shaped frame and 3 baby blue and bright purple peony flowers at the bottom with a galaxy space star background.
Spooky sticker has a sexy beautiful Witchy Woman levitating some burning candles wearing a floral bodysuit, a moon goddess symbol necklace, and of course a black witches hat. This is a transparent sticker so when you place it on smth you will only see the black lines.
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Cosmic Witch Sticker Bundle

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A Cosmic Witch is someone who is connected to realms beyond this world and works with the energies of the planets, stars and celestial bodies typically through practices such as astrology, numerology, astral projection, lucid dreaming, the Moon, sacred geometry and more! They understand that while we may be having a human experience, there is much more to being alive than just simply existing within a body. 

I chose the Moon Goddess, Self Love Spell, Shroom-scend, Electric Intergalactic & Hedge Witch stickers to be a part of the Cosmic Witch sticker pack because I feel that their collective energy encompasses the magic of cosmic witchcraft. The energy of this sticker bundle is about connection to a higher power, appreciation for nature and the cosmos, awe of the patterns and magic woven into the fabric of reality, and the awareness that we are this magnificent energy. 

All of the stickers are cut from water-resistant materials. Moon Goddess & Shroom-scend are shiny, holographic stickers while the other 3 are die cut and very durable.

Moon Goddess Holographic Sticker

  • This design is inspired by the phases of the moon, the elegant grace of the Divine feminine and simplistic yet powerful beauty of sacred geometry. 
  • Size: 3 x 3"

The Self Love Spell Sticker 

  • This design is inspired by how blissful it feels to fully love and embrace yourself as you truly are, free from any judgement.
  • Size: 2.19 x 3"

Shroom-scend Holographic Sticker

  • Ascend with these magical mushrooms and take a trip into the unknown.
  • Size: 1.86 x 3"

Electric Intergalactic Sticker

  • Size: 2.4 x 3"

Hedge Witch Sticker

  • She is a powerful sorceress with one foot in the mystical realms and the other foot in the mundane world.
  • Size: 2.05 x 3"

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