Attract Abundance Holographic Sticker
Attract Abundance Holographic Sticker
Attract Abundance Holographic Sticker
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Attract Abundance Holographic Sticker


The number 8 is a powerful number in numberology that represents financial security. Glynis McCants, "The Numbers Lady" states on her website that she's "had many clients put an 8 in their wallet, and just leave it in there. Next thing you know, they get a check out of the blue that they were not expecting, or they get a surprise promotion."

I created this abundant symbol specifically with this principle in mind, using 8 8s to create the mandala and amplify the abudant effects of the number with a swirl in the middle to further signify infinite flow.

Place this holographic sticker on your wallet, computer, wall, phone, journal, water bottle or anywhere you'd like to increase the prosperity in your life! As McCants states, by placing this number 8 around your home, "You are simply letting the universe know that you are ready for more financial prosperity in your life."

Size: 2.96 x 3"