What does it mean to be a Thempress?

by Tori Arnold on October 07, 2021

The Thempress incorporates the energies of both the Empress and the Emperor (as they are represented in the Tarot) while being detached from the gender binary and gender roles altogether. Thempress energy is about aligning with your soul's purpose and standing tall in your power. 

The Empress tarot card is third in the Major Arcana and ruled by the goddess of love, Venus (Aphrodite). The Empress embodies creation energy through growth, expansion and understanding. The Empress births new possibilities! This energy is about harmonious creation and how we manifest through imagination. The door to new life and new possibilities is open! Some affirmations relating to this energy are “I am a powerful co-creator, and life loves me right now! My world is brimming with potential and infinite possibility that will manifest for the highest good.” -from Colette Baron-Reid’s guidebook for the Good Tarot deck.

The Emperor tarot card is fourth in the Major Arcana and ruled by Aries (relating to Mars—the planet of war and protection). The Emperor is a strong leader who trusts their inner vision. The mind is the true seer, and the Emperor is able to look at any situation through the eyes of the observer. The Emperor has great confidence and self-assuredness in themselves and their authority. 

Combining the energies of the Empress and the Emperor is similar to the balance of yin-yang energies. There must be a balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine. Masculine and feminine energies are not related to sex or gender but are more so about either being in an action-oriented energy state (masculine) or a receptive-oriented energy state (feminine). In truth, there is only the One energy of inter-connectedness and Oneness. This seeming separation only manifests in this three-dimensional density.

The Thempress consciously harnesses these energies for aligning with balance and true abundance. They know that pushing and trying all the time does not lend results; neither does being passive and hoping someone else will come along to do the work. The Thempress understands there are cycles to life. There are times to be more headstrong and embody the Emperor/Mars energy more, and there are times to be more receptive and embody the Empress/Venus energy more. It’s about harmonious co-creation with the Universe. We cultivate this balance within ourselves first and foremost, instead of looking to outward conditions to provide us with balance and certainty. The Thempress recognizes that change and uncertainty are the only true constants on Earth. This world is constantly changing. We recognize that we must stay malleable to flow and evolve with the tides of life. Creation never ends.

Radical self-acceptance, commitment to growth, expansion, evolution, open-mindedness and curiosity about new perspectives are all attributes of the Thempress. They are committed to loving themselves and then radiating out this love into the world in a fun, curious way! 

So let’s step into our power and claim this energy for ourselves! No more holding back, no more questioning our worth, no more believing that our value is measured by the things we do. We are breaking all those old cycles!! We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams, and we came here to switch sh*t up—not keeping playing the same old broken record. We are taking that old narrative, crushing it up into a ball and burning it in a massive dumpster fire while joyoulsy screaming at the top of our lungs, “We are free! The cycles are being broken so the new ones can begin—ones that we consciously choose for ourselves (not for others).” 

We stand firmly in our power and our light, saying “This is me!! Love me or not, it doesn't really matter because I love myself and I know to my core that by standing proudly and confidently in my shining light that I will attract my soul family and we will co-create a new Earth and a new reality that is better and beyond our wildest dreams!”

To be a Thempress means to love and honor yourself as you truly are, regardless of how the outside world is treating you. We choose to look inward and know that our self-worth is not defined by what we do, but is intrinsic to our being.

being a thempress is about expressing yourself fully and embracing your personal freedom how do I discover my soul's purpose?change is the only constant in this world, creation is never endingthe thempress incorporates the energies of the empress and the emperor (as they are portrayed in the tarot) while being completely detached from the gender binary, gender roles & stereotypesradical self-acceptance, commitment to self-improvement, expansion, evolution, mindfulness, open-mindedness and curiosity about new perspectives are characteristics of the Thempresshow can I love and honor myself regardless of how other people treat me? how can I look inward and recognize that my self-worth is not changeable but is intrinsic to my being?